Digidots in Motion Upgrade Your Creativity.

It is an information source for computer graphic design and video effects professionals.

Now on App Store * available for iPad only

With over 150 video materials.

It is a hotspot where you will find ads from agencies and VFX studios.

Now on App Store * available for iPad only
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Now on App Store

This app is designed
for iPad only.

App size

Size: 150 MB


Easy to navigate

Tap on right or left of screen to the next, previous page. Slide right or left for next, previous page. Double tap to reveal index. Tap on a thumbnail to jump to a chapter. Double tap on index to close.

Full brief description

Digitdots in Motion is the absolute place where the artwork of both emerging and established artists is showcased.
Here you will be provoked, intrigued, amazed, and ultimately, truly inspired as it provides targeted, in-depth perspective into a great, vibrant industry.

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Get Digidots in Motion first edition for the price of $3.99 This App it is available for iPad only!

* Version for Android coming soon

Teachers features

Teachers can prepare whole courses themselves. Teachers can register quickly, receive our approval, then start working on their courses right away. The teachers' interface also gives teachers stats about their students and full access to quiz results. A comprehensive library of all types of media: video, audio, documents, files and text.

Students features

Students can comment on lessons & ask questions on the forum. Teachers and students will be able to chat freely about all different topics, and students can even comment directly from inside the lesson page.

Commission system

Teachers want to know exactly how much they're earning. Our system lets them track the orders. They can see how much they've already received, the details of those orders and how much is pending withdrawal.
70% will earn teachers and 30% will retain mydigidots.

Soon on myDigidots website

Create unlimited online courses with modules & lessons, on myDigidots’s easy interface.
With our online course management system, you can add as many courses as you want and manage them on the Courses Manager.
Soon a full description of our courses system.

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